A Memory from Holly

I’ve read every entry, appreciate everyone’s remembrances.

I never met Dane, yet somehow he looks exactly as I knew he would. He was a familiar friend to me. His words told me who he was over many years. I mourn him and miss him more than people I have known up close. I feel more loss at his passing than I do at the death of most relatives.

He made me laugh. That’s not all, though. Always thoughtful, always considerate, always faithfully a friend. The concept that he thought people who wouldn’t like him once they really knew him…well, I get that. I feel that way about myself. Of course it’s not true of him. I loved my friend and I’m very certain that I would have loved him every bit as much in person, and more so with more knowledge.

He was always in love with you, Vanessa. ❤️ Yes, you were always, always loved. He never left any doubt about that. It’s difficult to consider that the Dane part of the Vanessa/Dane team is not physically present, yet I fully believe that love, once created and never rescinded or annulled, remains. The love Dane held for you and the kids…remains.


Yes, sweet Holly, I believe that too, that the love remains. I know he is so full of it right now, more than he ever thought could be possible. ❤

He had a trust in you, you know. I don’t know if he ever adequately expressed that to you. He trusted your counsel immensely. More than once, when something was troubling him, he’d ask, “D’ya think I should get some feedback from Holly?” I always said, “Yes! Of course ask Holly!” A few days might go by and I’d ask if he’d heard back from you and too many times he say he decided not to bother you. He didn’t want to “pile on.” He loved that you are such an awesome mother and care-taker of people, he was only 10% joking when he’d crack about you adopting him, lol. (me too, by the way!)

Thank you for being his friend, Holly. I believe that he finally knows how true a friend you really are. ❤ Love you. xoxox


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